“You can hear them strive for something bigger in every song.”

Music Connection Magazine, Los Angeles
“L.A. via Chicago outfit are award-winning rockers with Pixies and Sonic Youth influences whose CD sounds pro all the way. Singer Joel Whitley’s rich, appealing vocals are adeptly captured and the drums really pop. Most importantly, the band’s music is edgy yet thoroughly commercial. Major labels will want to check this act out.”

The Music Edge
“In Between, the debut by She’s Your Sister is forty short but sweet minutes of pure indie rock bliss.”

The Independent Artist Registry
“The music is pure Rock n Roll. Catchy melodies and hooks permeate the band’s music. Powerful guitar riffs with intelligent lyrics and spot on vocals combine for something that feels new and familiar at the same time.”

CityBeat, Cincinnati
“Drawing inspiration from the MC5 and The Pixies, SYS distill those two elements by combining the straightforward, guitar-heavy attack of the MC5 with the more textured approach of The Pixies. Comparisons have also been made to The Smashing Pumpkins (especially vocally), although She’s Your Sister is less baroque and far less prone to temper tantrums than Billy Corgan and Co. They also possess a hint of The Clash in their ferocity.”

The Phoenix, University of Chicago
“Chicago’s hottest rising rock group . . . The songwriting is consistently good. Catchy melodies abound, even in the heaviest and hardest hitting songs . . . In short, She’s Your Sister is a band to watch.”, Chicago
“Rock and Rock roll in its purest form. On stage you feel a wave of raw, unbridled talent sweep through the auditorium. A controlled set, yet with an edge of the uncontrollable. Where to go first? Indulge yourself in the powerful riffs, or lose yourself in the compelling verses and powerful vocals. A band with a presence that will not go unnoticed.”